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Rosario Vampire: Azura's Legacy: Act 1 :iconbenlonewolf93:benlonewolf93 0 0
Rosario Vampire: Azura's Legacy: Act 1
Chapter 4: The Field Trip
-with Tsukune-
After the fiasco with Iskatu, Tsukune received memories of Izual’s old sword. It had runes running along the flat of the blade, a golden hilt. And the blade itself has an azure color to the blade with silver edges. This was Azurewrath, Izual’s old sword and the Dragon’s weapon of old.
Waking with a start, he noticed that Koltira was guarding the door, dozing off. “Koltira.” Tsukune started. Waking with a start, Koltira acknowledged his new master. “I need to speak with Darion. I’ve had a vision of a sword that belonged to Izual.” Tsukune ordered, entering the showers.
“I’ll get him.” Koltira said, going out the window and landing on his mount. After Koltira left, Tsukune enjoyed the moments of shower alone. After washing himself up, Tsukune got dressed because today is the day he and his club will take a field trip to the big apple.
-with the newspaper c
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Mature content
Rosario Vampire: Azura's Legacy: Act 1 :iconbenlonewolf93:benlonewolf93 0 0
Mature content
Rosario Vampire: Azura's Legacy: Act 1 :iconbenlonewolf93:benlonewolf93 0 0
Rosario Vampire: Azura's Legacy: Act 1
Chapter 1: Ascension and a Vampire
-544 years later…-
In the undercity, an Oppidum, A Revenant Lord, High lord Darion Mograine was pacing back and forth, waiting for a response from Frankenstein or his master, who was dying from not having any blood, combined with the wounds he sustained from his battle with Inarius who somehow broke free from his prison in the Burning Hells. A few hours later, Darion heard the news; Dracul has passed away.
Angered, he grabbed the mirror of fate that shows the future and asked “Is there any hope for us? If so, then show me!” the mirror answered by showing him a human boy who has vampire blood flowing through his veins.
Darion mounted his steed, an emaciated horse with exposed bones and skull named Iydallus. Iydallus had armor covering his neck, chest, flanks and hindquarters.
Darion was stopped by his fellow lieutenant, the banshee Queen. “Darion, you and Izual shouldn’t blame yourselves for what ha
:iconbenlonewolf93:benlonewolf93 0 0
Rosario Vampire: Azura's Legacy: Act 1
Prelude: 544 years ago, …
“Long ago… in a land ruled by darkness, a Yokai of unstoppable fury, unthinkable power and unbreakable will, a Dark Angel lived in a grand but ancient castle. He is Dracula, the dragon.
At his command is Legio Dracul, the Dragon’s Legion, a faction consisting of his children, the strong vampires and fast Werewolves, and his servants; harpies, Naga, wyverns, undead and gargoyles.
And the most formidable; the knights of the Ebon Blade, led by Highlord Darion Mograine and the Forsaken, led by Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen and first of the Dark Rangers.
His staunchest defender being Izual, the betrayer. An angel trapped in a demonic body of an Oppressor with bluish skin and golden armor. The Dragon and the Betrayer had known each other for a long time.
Standing in his way of remaking the human world was Roland de Ronceval, a paladin of the Brotherhood of Light and commander of half a million men and the Siege Titan
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Mature content
Asura Spider: War of the Ancients :iconbenlonewolf93:benlonewolf93 0 0
Mature content
Asura Spider: War of the Ancients :iconbenlonewolf93:benlonewolf93 0 0
Mature content
Asura Spider: War of the Ancients :iconbenlonewolf93:benlonewolf93 0 0
Mature content
Asura Spider: War of the Ancients :iconbenlonewolf93:benlonewolf93 0 0
Mature content
Asura Spider: War of the Ancients :iconbenlonewolf93:benlonewolf93 0 0
Mature content
Asura Spider: War of the Ancients :iconbenlonewolf93:benlonewolf93 0 0
Mature content
Asura Spider: Blackheart :iconbenlonewolf93:benlonewolf93 0 0
Mature content
Asura Spider: Blackheart :iconbenlonewolf93:benlonewolf93 0 0
Mature content
Asura Spider: Blackheart :iconbenlonewolf93:benlonewolf93 0 0
Mature content
Asura Spider: Blackheart :iconbenlonewolf93:benlonewolf93 0 0


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This definitely looks like a fight between EMIYA and Gilgamesh. similar in terms of Noble Phantasms yet different. Gilgamesh's Gate of ...


:iconerikshoemaker: :iconthelightsmen: :iconfallenangel5414: :icontechgnotic: :iconzeroviks: :iconpyrus-leonidas: :iconigorkutuzov: :icontobiasroetsch: :iconchaosfissure: :iconmatkraken:





My mom, Alex and Steve Torella and myself saw the movie Annihilation. it was full of suspense. the only parts i didn't like were the sex scenes. they're too... cliche. anyways, the best part were the wildlife being altered like the alligator being crossed with a shark and the skull faced bear. there is also the ending. very creepy in a way. anyways, see ya.
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Chapter 5: Orlock/the roar

-with Akasha, Moon Knight and Blade-

Akasha just sensed Orlock’s aura and ordered Moon Knight and Blade to get in their vehicles and she will lead them to Orlock. “who put her in charge?” Eric asked. “Just roll with it.” Moon Knight replied. Blade got on his motorcycle, Moon got in his Moon Copter and Akasha mounted her Wyvern.

They soon set off, Blade taking to the streets, grateful for the NYPD’s curfew for lack of traffic, Moon Knight and Akasha Bloodriver flying their way to Orlock’s current location. A few minutes passed by and they found where Orlock was; a warehouse where Blade and Spider-Man killed Brutus.

“That’s what THIS is about? Revenge?!” Spidey’s voice started. “Because Dracula believed they couldn’t be controlled and because he’s a Belmont?! You’re pathetic!!!” Spidey raged. “yep, he knows, and he doesn’t care.” Blade said, deadpanning.

Akasha turned into a swarm of bats like she did before and launched into a window. Blade stopped his bike and jumped in through the window. Moon set the Moon Copter on Autopilot and joined in. Akasha landed, unsheathed the Crissaegrim and charged in with a war cry.

“Orlock!!!” Akasha yelled. Orlock turned to intercept the Crissaegrim’s blade just inches from his face. Brooks, jumping in through the same window that Bloodriver broke. Blade got out his sword which is a silver katana blessed with holy water to ensure death of all creatures of the night such as vampires.

Their swordsmanship skills are great but Orlock’s skills with a blade surpasses them by centuries. Blade destroyed the vampiric sword beyond repair, ensuring a fair fight in fisticuffs. Akasha and Blade re-sheathed their swords and engaged in hand to hand combat with Moon Knight joining in.

Even 3-on-1, Orlock still had experience to fall back on, having fought three opponents before. Little did they know, Spider-Man was going through a power boost. A roar was heard, and a pulse was felt, causing the four combatants to stop and face Spidey.

Spider-Man bulked up the same way when he fought the horned woman, only this time the markings on his body glowed along with his eyes. Roaring, Orlock went to his true form, a hulked out dishonored vampire.

“Spector…” a voice started. “Khonshu…” Moon Knight started, closing his eyes and raising his hands to the sky. “Spider-Man is slowly unlocking that power. He even used to cure the ghouls.” Moon Knight explained to his patron god. “who is he talking to?” Eric Brooks asked, confused.

“he is talking to Khonshu, god of the moon and a god of Justice. Also, a friend of Elune’s.” Akasha answered. “Yes Khonshu, Orlock won’t be a problem now that Spider-Man is enraged.” Moon Knight replied. “Marc, you’re freaking Eric out.” Akasha said, smiling a sultry smile.

“Khonshu is pleased with Spider-man’s willingness to use this power, although relunctanly.” Moon Knight said. “Moka…” Akasha started, eyes tearing up. Moon Knight and Blade looked at her in concern. “She has nothing to do with this; even though she’s technically a Belmont, she’s still her own person.” Akasha said, tears streaming down her face.

Blade looked at her with pity, something he never did with vampires in general. But seeing her tears brought something in him; compassion. “Orlock will not lay a hand or even a finger on your daughter. Not as long as we still draw breath.” Blade said, placing his hand on her shoulder. “just wait a few seconds.” Moon Knight said.

-with the newspaper club at the Manhattan at times square hotel-

A roar was heard. “What’s that sound?” Kurumu screamed, clutching a pillow to her chest. “That, young succubus, is the roar of the asura, said to be long enough to go for miles and loud enough to be heard from another landmass.” Izual answered, recalling the roar. “I don’t recall the other roar.” Koltira said, sweat dropping.

‘that roar… this one is much younger.’ Darion thought, recalling that roar. “I remember hearing of that particular Yokai species. But they were only stories.” Nemonome said, remembering the stories she was told of the asura and their King, Augus.

“that’s because they’re all extinct!” Kokoa said, her stubbornness level increasing. “Not all; that last asura who joined Sonya Belmont, James Van Helsing, Yuji Sendo, Rei Bloodmoon, the Moth Knight and Rexxar fought beside them.” Darion said after karate chopping Kokoa’s head. Kokoa grabbed her head, seething with rage at Darion for his dry attitude.

“that would explain the markings on his body.” Tsukune said, recalling those glowing marks on Spidey’s body. “that also explains the aura he was giving off.” Moka said, eyes widened. “but why?” Moka asked. “for a start, do you remember when Iskatu came to Yokai Academy?” Sylvannas asked, looking at Tsukune.

Tsukune flashed back to the Iskatu paid a visit to the school and nodded. “Iskatu mentioned that the Asura King’s power will be inserted into the Nephelam of Spiders.” Tsukune said. “Inarius, Urzael, Azura and I fought side-by-side against Vlitra, a Makluan that gained asura markings via consuming asuras.” Izual said, remembering the old days.

-at an unknown location-

Five figures heard the roar and Krasus concluded that an Asura made that roar. “Krasus, all the asuras died out.” One figure said. “From what the informants told me, the one called Spider-Man was stabbed by Iskatu with the teeth of Diablo containing the asura energy, Rhonin.” Krasus replied. “Also, not all, my love; the last asura still lives.” The She Elf in blue armor with silver trim said to Rhonin.

“If that is the case, then this city is in far more danger then we realize.” Tyrygosa said. Kalecgos nodded and they set out to plan on how to deal with Spidey. “Vereesa, if Spider-Man is going to become a threat, how are we sure he’ll still hold on to his humanity.” Rhonin asked. The woman, Vereesa Windrunner, looked to him and said that they don’t.

-in the Realm of Pandemonium-

An angel, wielding the gavel of judgement, wearing Golden Armor with blue pauldrons, faulds, poleyns and vambraces with golden trim, was taking a stroll in the Angelic outpost. He is Uther the Lightbringer. Angels, Draenei and Einherjar working together to push back the demons of the burning hells, the Eredar (red skinned Draenei), the Fire Giants and the dark elves.

The ground in the no man’s land between the outposts ruptured, a pillar of red-orange energy appearing, the roar accompanying it. The sight of it sent shivers down the spines of the Draenei, Angels and Einherjar. Uther watched as the spectacle unfolded.

“Iskatu has done it!” a demon trooper proclaimed. Uther could not believe the demon’s words. He heard the man of spiders would be targeted but not in such a way that he would be forced to sacrifice his humanity to save humanity. “warn the Angiris Council.” Uther said to his Angelic Warrior who nodded then took off to warn the council.

-with Moon Knight, Akasha and Blade-

Moon Knight, in his Moon Copter with Akasha in the cockpit, flew to Spider-Man’s location with Blade on his motorcycle. The pillar of energy confirmed Akasha’s fears. The two roars clearly displayed power and dominance, much to Blade’s shock and even horror.

Blade was cursing to himself as to why he couldn’t stop Spider-Man from using that energy. “No one could have known, Eric. Issa, Gyokuro and I had no idea that Peter Benjamin Parker would be targeted for that reason.” Akasha said. “If there’s one thing demons are, it’s cunning.” Moon Knight said.

-with Sylvannas Windrunner-

Sylvannas was ordered by Darion to monitor Spider-Man around the clock. “thank the dragon I’m undead, I can do this night and day tirelessly.” Sylvannas said, relief flowing through her body. Sylvannas watched the spectacle of Spidey and Rakanoth battling one another.

“putting her through hell wasn’t enough for you guys?!” Spidey shouted, rage clouding his eyes. “putting her through hell…” Syvannas muttered, her interest piqued.

Spidey web swung back to his home after the coven fled. Sylvannas followed him discreetly. After following him to his apartment building, she scaled the wall and spied on him through the same window the horned woman climbed through.

He took off his suit, then his mask. Sylvannas cloaked herself so she would not be seen. He turned to face the window. Sylvannas got a very good look at his face. His face was young and yet scarred. A snapping sound echoed in her ears. “oh, great…” Sylvannas muttered before falling into a dumpster. Teleporting to the roof, she met up with Gyokuro. “anything, banshee queen?” Gyokuro asked.

“he has a scar over his right eye. Deathwing must have caused it.” Sylvannas answered. “not just that, he is also young. He’s lost so much at so young an age.” Sylvannas said, bearing her teeth. Nodding, Gyokuro knew that Spidey will be a valued ally in the future.

Sylvannas went back to the Manhattan at Times Square Hotel to report her findings. “so, the rumors are true.” Darion said, getting the newspaper club’s attention. “rumors?” Kurumu asked, questions marks appearing around her head. “he did fight Deathwing and survived. But not without a scar.” Darion said, gesturing with a simple finger down the right eye.

“plus, he lost a lot of things in return for his powers.” Izual said. “his uncle was just the beginning.” Koltira said, hearing what had happened. “even after everything he was put through, he still kept going.” Darion said, hearing of his indomitable will.

“the crazy part, he fights opponents that are physically superior to him constantly.” Sylvannas stated. “so, basically, what he lacks in raw power, he makes up for it in spirit.” Thausarrian said, smirking. “regardless, if he wanted to tell anyone he found out that you kids were not human, he would’ve done that already.” Darion pointed out.

Chapter 4: The Field Trip

-with Tsukune-

After the fiasco with Iskatu, Tsukune received memories of Izual’s old sword. It had runes running along the flat of the blade, a golden hilt. And the blade itself has an azure color to the blade with silver edges. This was Azurewrath, Izual’s old sword and the Dragon’s weapon of old.

Waking with a start, he noticed that Koltira was guarding the door, dozing off. “Koltira.” Tsukune started. Waking with a start, Koltira acknowledged his new master. “I need to speak with Darion. I’ve had a vision of a sword that belonged to Izual.” Tsukune ordered, entering the showers.

I’ll get him.” Koltira said, going out the window and landing on his mount. After Koltira left, Tsukune enjoyed the moments of shower alone. After washing himself up, Tsukune got dressed because today is the day he and his club will take a field trip to the big apple.

-with the newspaper club, after school-

Tsukune and Moka were waiting for the rest of the newspaper club to catch up and grab whatever essentials they need. Darion, riding Iydallus, went to them to confirm his vision. “Young master…” Darion started, dismounting his horse. “The sword in your vision… was Azurewrath. Izual’s runeblade of old.” Darion said.

Izual mentioned the fifth battle at the diamond gates and his failed assault on the hellforge.” Tsukune said. Darion nodded, saying that after the failed assault, Dracula, then Azura Belmont, took the sword on Izual’s request and fled.

he also had a human friend from whom Ben Parker’s nephew is descended.” Darion said. “Sir Parkerson was his name.” Darion finished.

my great grandfather told of that night. Sir Parkerson was the only human who ever considered him a friend. When the blood of the castle took control of him, Sir Parkerson held back, trying to urge him to fight the castle’s dark influence. Alas, it was in vain and was cut down.” Moka said, tears coming down her cheeks.

when the bloodlust-induced haze lifted, he was horrified at what he had done, he screamed so loud, the entire human world, the high heavens and even the burning hells heard him.” Darion said. “It could still be heard even to this day. Or so the legend goes.” Moka finished.

in answer to your vision, it is in Manhattan. More specifically, the New York Harbor.” Darion pointed out. “sounds like I’m going to have to commit a crime to get to it.” Tsukune lamented. “fortunately, you won’t, we’ll find it and inform you once it’s found.” Darion replied.

Alright.” Tsukune said. Darion soon took his leave. He saw that the entire newspaper club had arrived. “Okay, we’re ready to go.” Kurumu quipped. “did you get the things necessary?” Gin asked. “yep. Right here.” Yukari said, showing the map of Manhattan. “we’re only headed to Manhattan.” Tsukune said, sweat dropping.

why are we even going.” Kokoa asked, fuming. Mizore told her many times, cross popping veins evident on her head, that they are trying to save Spider-Man from the cruel fate that Iskatu has planned for him. “it’s also to find Azurewrath.” Tsukune said.

all this over a sword?” Kokoa asked again. A pot crashed down on her head, knocking her out. The bus soon arrived. Everyone boarded the bus. Kurumu and Mizore had to carry Kokoa because Yukari knocked her out cold. Everyone got in their seats and waited for their homeroom teacher, Nekonome, to come on board as well.

Well, time to head for New York City.” Nekonome said, taking a seat. Everyone buckled their seatbelts in and the bus went on its way. During the journey, Tsukune’s mind was still wrapping around his dream from last night. “you’ll pay for what you did to me, my mother and your old human friend.” The voice said.

He flashed back to the boy who said those very words to him. he doesn’t even know the boy whereas the boy knew him. ‘how does that boy know me?’ Tsukune thought to himself. After a while, he began to see the portal that leads to Manhattan. “we’re almost there.” Nekonome said.

Soon, they were in Manhattan. The bus stopped at a bus stop. The doors opened, and everyone got out. “I can’t believe we’re finally here, I always wanted to see this place.” Moka said, cheerfully. Tsukune couldn’t help but smile at that.

“Alright, we’re going to have to find a city bus to take us to the Manhattan at Times Square Hotel so don’t go anywhere.” Nekonome said. Tsukune saw a guy running towards them. ‘he intends to take Nekonome sensei hostage!’ Tsukune thought. A large bodied figure delivered a lariat to the guy’s face and karate chopped him in the chest, holding back his full strength.

He grabbed the guy and tossed him to two guys wearing a police uniform. “Thanks, man!” one cop said. “no prob.” The person said, nodding. The person turned around, taking off the hat along the way. “What in the hell is that thing?!” Kokoa shouted, pointing a finger at him.

The figure clearly resembled a golem in terms of appearance, save for bluish eyes. The figure clearly wore pants, shoes and a trench coat fitted over his body. Around his neck was the star of David, representing the Jewish religion.

do not judge a person by their appearance, young lady.” Nekonome scolded, grabbing Kokoa’s ear. “Name’s Ben Grimm, The Thing of the Fantastic Four.” Ben Grimm said.

Your appearance reminds me of a Golem which is—” Gin started before “a creature of Jewish Myth and Folklore.” Ben Grimm finished. “how do you know that?” Yukari asked, tilting her head. “I know that because I’m Jewish myself.” Ben answered, showing the star of David around his neck. The club introduced themselves to Ben.

nice to meet you.” The Thing said. “very nice meeting you too.” Moka said, beaming a smile, amusing Mr. Grimm.

Unbeknownst to the club, a figure descended slowly on a webline and planted his feet on the ground. He tip-toed his way to them. When the figure got close enough, while Ben was talking to Shizuka Nekonome, he yelled out a very comical “Boo!”, scaring the daylights out of the club.

who are you?!” Yukari yelled, scared out of her skin. Spider-Man laughed his ass off, while Ben deadpanned at his antic. “Hey Ben, who are your new friends?” a voice asked. “oh, you should’ve seen your faces! Priceless.” A voice said. “dude…” the second voice said, deadpanning.

The club turned to see three figures and were shocked at the sight. The first figure was merely a human sized and shaped fire elemental. The number four was evident on the chest area. His suit, despite being in flames, did not burn away. This was Johnny Storm, the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four.

The second figure resembled a knight, albeit sleeker and advanced in terms of technology. It hovered via propulsion from the gauntlets and boots. The torso, shoulders and head, save for the face, were hot rod red. The armor piece beneath the shoulders, the legs down to the feet were hot rod red as well.

The face, the upper arms and legs were gold in color. The jewels in the palms of the gauntlets indicated beam attacks. This was Iron Man, a member of the Avengers alongside Spider-Man.

The third figure had the same appearance as the second figure but was outfitted for war. A Gatling gun over the right shoulder, a missile silo over the left shoulder, pistols and plasma guns mounted on the arms. He also had the same jewels on the palms but in a red color.

All in all, this Knight was truly outfitted for all-out war. This was War Machine, a friend of Iron Man. “Spidey, that was really rude, man.” War Machine scolded. Spider-Man, after his laughing fit, calmed down simply said hello. “see? That’s much better.” Iron Man said.

Johnny, Spidey, Shell-Heads 1 and 2.” Ben Grimm started. “Shell Heads?” Yukari wondered. “This is Yukari Sendo…” Ben said, pointing to Yukari who waved. “…Kurumu Kurono…” Ben said, gesturing to Kurumu who smiled. “…Mizore Shirayuki…” Ben said, gesturing to Mizore who nodded.

…Kokoa Shuzen…” Ben said, gesturing to Kokoa who folded her arms and scowled. “…Moka Akashiya…” Ben said, gesturing to Moka who beamed a smile. Spider-Man flashed back to the night he met Akasha Bloodriver but didn’t show it. “…Tsukune Aono…” Ben said, gesturing to Tsukune who said “Hi.

…Ginei Morioka…” Ben said, gesturing to Gin who gave a thumbs-up. “…and Shizuka Nekonome.” Ben said, gesturing to Shizuka who said it was nice to meet him. when Ben finished introducing the four figures to the Newspaper club, he saw that Spidey was looking to his right.

Spidey’s veins were glowing the same color as when Iskatu injected the Asura King’s energy into him.

“Spidey!” Ben yelled. Spider-Man looked at Ben, his veins ceasing their glow, then looked to his right again. “This is Spider-Man, in case were wondering.” Ben Grimm started, gesturing to Spidey who said “Howdy”. “Johhny Storm, otherwise known as the Human Torch…” Ben Grimm said, gesturing to Johnny.

“…Iron Man…” Ben Grimm said, gesturing to Iron Man. “…and War Machine.” Ben Grimm said, gesturing to War Machine. “Shouldn’t you be with a woman?” Kokoa asked, not knowing of Spidey’s grudge towards Nick Fury. Spidey, The Thing, Human Torch, Iron Man, War Machine, Nekonome and the club stood/hovered with their jaws agape.

“be with a woman…” Johnny squeaked. “Now she’s done it.” Iron Man said. “Oh, Hell no!” War Machine freaked out. Spidey’s eyes glowed with immense power. He raised his fist, ready to strike. Kokoa stared at him with complete fear. Spider-Man eyes ceased glowing as he flicked her head, telling her to watch her mouth.

“if you stop running your mouth for even a nanosecond, you might actually learn something.” Iron Man said, sighing in his mind in relief. Bored, Spidey decided to finish his mind clearing race with Johnny, Iron Man and War Machine. The four racers left to finish their race, leaving Ben and the Newspaper Club to deal with their own issues for now.

  Ben Grimm turned to face Kokoa who was rubbing her forehead, scowling at being flicked by someone she sees as weaker than her, then to Nekonome to do one thing. “Ms. Nekonome.” Ben Grimm started. “Yes?” Nekonome said, turning to face him.

“If it’s okay with you, can Spider-man escort you and your group to the Manhattan at Times Square Hotel?” Ben Grimm asked. “oh, hell no!” Kokoa raged. “of course. Wait, why?” Nekonome answered then asked, one ear and eyebrow cocked.

“see that wanted poster of the Horned Woman?” Ben asked, pointing at the wanted poster behind the club. The newspaper club looked to see a wanted poster of what the locals are calling the horned woman. “She doesn’t look that tough.” Kokoa said, earning a sweat drop from Ben Grimm.

“the witness, Michael O’Mara, described as a scarred veteran and a bombshell.” Ben Grimm said, recalling the description Michael made. “Michael’s right about the scarred veteran part but he lost me at ‘Bombshell’.” Moka said, noticing the scars on her face.

“What did Michael mean by ‘Bombshell’.” Kurumu asked, curious yet uneasy. “Look at where the poster says, ‘bust size’.” Ben Grimm answered. Without thinking clearly, Kurumu looked to bust size. “Bust size: H?!” Kurumu shouted, anime tears falling down her face.

Gin and Ben heard the telltale ‘thwip’ sound Spider-man makes every time he shoots his web shooters. The entire group turned to see Spidey pull off a trick in the air, filling them, even Kokoa, with awe. Spider-man landed on his hands and feet in his iconic landing pose.

Getting to his feet, he looked to Ben Grimm and asked what he needs to do. “You’re to escort this group.” Ben Grimm said. “Alright.” Spidey said, shocking the entire group, save Ben. “can you kids please try not to stress him out any further than he already is?” Ben asked, looking at Kokoa. “Why is he looking at me when he says that?” Kokoa asked.

“Try to be patient with them.” Ben Grimm said. “I’ll try.” Spidey replied. Ben Grimm nodded and jumped back to Four Freedoms Plaza, shocking the group except Spider-Man. “Holy crap!” Gin said, shocked at the jump. Moka was awed at the jump. She looked to Spidey to tell him of it only to see him with a neutral expression.

“You’re not surprised?” Moka asked. Spidey turned to face her and her friends. “I’ve seen the Hulk do bigger jumps than that.” Spidey answered. They looked at him, question marks appearing around their heads, causing the wall crawler to sigh an exasperated sigh.

“what I mean is when you’ve been an avenger for as long as I had, you get used to seeing crazy things.” Spidey rephrased. “Well, we best do whatever Spider-man says and follow his lead.” Nekonome said. Spider-man and the group sweat dropped at her words.

“call a bus and ask the driver to take you to times square.” Spider-Man ordered. “I thought you were going to escort us.” Kurumu whined. “I am.” Spidey replied. “then why do we need to be in a bus?” Yukari asked, anime tears falling down her cheeks.

“You’ll be safer in the bus than outside the bus. You may never know what…” Spidey started looking around. “…or even who…” Spidey said again, looking at the wanted poster. “…could be lurking about.” Kokoa finished, scowling. “Yeah.” Spidey said simply.

No sooner was the sentence finished that the bus came by and stopped. The group, except Spider-Man who opted for web-swinging, boarded the bus. “Where to?” The bus driver asked. “Times Square, please.” Ms. Nekonome answered. Nekonome gave him the amount he needs and took her seat.

Gin, Tsukune, Moka, Kurumu, Yuakri, Mizore and Kokoa took their seats and the bus was soon setting off for Times Square. The bus was moving rather quickly despite its build and weight. “did you notice anything when Kokoa made that insult?” Gin asked, much to Kokoa’s chagrin.

“yeah, his eyes glowed with immense power.” Kurumu said, clearly frightened. “that, combined with his death glare, clearly showed he was really mad.” Yukari pointed out. “Not just those, but his aura skyrocketed, and Johnny Storm, Iron Man and War Machine freaked out.” Moka said, recalling their terrified faces.

-a few hours later…-

The group finally got to Times Square, having been sitting for so long. They knew right away they need to stretch. After getting off the bus, they proceeded to stretch their muscles. “What… are you guys… doing?” Spidey asked, confused. “we’re stretching our muscles.” Gin answered.

A few minutes passed until a guy asked “uh, what… are they… doing… in what’s a public area?” “Stretching their muscles…” Spidey answered, annoyed. Tsukune looked to see Spidey talking to a black guy with a purple bandana and the number 7 on his shirt. This guy was clearly a gang member.

After seeing the guy taking off, Spidey let them know that the guy is a member of the Rolling 7s gang. He even let them know that the gang leaders have a beef with coven for taking their members as well. Tsukune and company were shocked at how several criminals joined in groups called gangs.

Compared to the yakuza families, gangs were smaller in terms of having members. Tsukune looked at Spider-Man to see him having issues with his right arm. ‘Darion.’ Tsukune said, contacting Darion via telepathy.

‘you called young master?’ Darion said, hearing Tsukune loud and clear. ‘Spider-Man’s aura and right arm are acting up.’ Tsukune said, bearing his teeth. ‘I can sense that already.’ Darion replied.

‘can you describe it?’ Izual asked, using telepathy. ‘his right arm is convulsing and it’s trying to grab his face.’ Tsukune answered, beads of sweat going down his face. ‘that aura…’ Izual muttered before going silent. ‘Izual? Izual?!’ Tsukune asked, worried.

“If… you guys… are done…” Spidey started, gritting his teeth. Kurumu, Moka, Yukari and Nekonome trembled in fear due to his aura skyrocketing. Tsukune, Gin, Mizore and Kokoa were not fazed for various reasons. “…the hotel… is that way.” Spidey said, pointing to his left across the street. He told them they were dropped off at 7th Ave.

The group went to the street only to be stopped by Spider-Man. “remember to look both ways before you guys cross.” Spidey said, looking at Kokoa. “why are you looking at me when you say that?!” Kokoa challenged. “how about the fact you’re the type that doesn’t listen due to pride or stupidity.” Mizore sneered, smirking.

“Excellent burn…” Spidey started, complimenting the Yuki-Onna. “Thank you, sir.” Mizore said, smiling. “…Ice Queen.” Spidey snarked, narrowing one eye. “Damnit!” Mizore cursed, puffing both her cheeks. “Kokoa’s mentality aside, these streets are dangerous enough without the Coven and the horned woman roaming around.” Spider-Man lectured.

Kokoa was about to rage when she got a karate chop to the back of her head. she turned to face Gin who told her look both ways. Angrily, she, along with Nekonome and the newspaper club, looked both ways then crossed the street. They looked to see Spider-man was gone.

They turned around to see Spidey near the entrance of the Manhattan at Times Square Hotel. Nekonome and her students looked inside the building to see it wasn’t nearly as packed as they thought. It took 15 minutes but Nekonome got herself a room and her club a room as well. “Ms. Nekonome, can I have a word with Mr. Aono first?” Spidey asked.

Moka, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore gathered around Tsukune and beamed smiles at Spidey. “okay, lemme rephrase that; can I have a word with him… alone?” Spidey asked, sweat dropping. The four girls deflated like balloons, causing Nekonome, Gin and Kokoa to sweat drop and Spider-Man to have a cross popping vein on his head.

“sure.” Nekonome said simply. Tsukune stayed put and told Moka, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore that he’ll catch up. Tsukune and Spidey watched as they went inside. “Don’t hurt my destined one!” Kurumu shouted, getting Spidey’s attention. “what…?” Spidey said, confusion evident in his voice. Spider-Man briskly shook his head and turned to face Tsukune, keeping watch at the same time for the Horned woman.

-with Tsukune-

“Listen, I know we got off on the wrong foot…” Spidey started, noticing the Blood Whip activating. “What’s this about?” Tsukune demanded. Deciding to come clean Spidey told him the truth. “I know what you are. I know what your friends are.” Spidey started, leaving no room for deception.

“my friends didn’t do anything wrong if that’s what you’re thinking.” Tsukune fired back, ready to attack despite Darion’s voice telling him not to do it, given that there are people around. “She takes after her mother, Sonya Belmont, now known as Akasha Bloodriver.” Spidey said. “Nani?!” Tsukune said, shocked at what he heard.

“I met Akasha Bloodriver when I was on my way to the New York Harbor to save the missing people that, as it turned out, had been kidnapped by the coven in hopes of bringing me to right where they wanted me.” Spider-Man started. Tsukune couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Akasha warned me of the danger and that they were waiting for me.” Spidey said, Akasha’s warning echoing through his mind. “I acknowledged her warning, but I chose to go regardless. I fought impossible odds once before and I… could do it… again.” Spidey finished, his markings beginning to glow with power.

“Moka is not a Belmont. I never even heard of that family.” Tsukune said, trying to play dumb. Spider-Man, narrowing his eyes in slight anger, was not having it. “Don’t you dare try to lie your way out of this.” Spidey said, not having any ounce of treachery, as his markings glowed with immense power.

“by the way, you, Moka and I are going to die.” Spidey finished, his markings ceasing their glowing. Tsukune could not believe what he was being told. “What…?” Tsukune said, shock evident in his eyes. Spidey could tell by looking he has the boy’s full attention and pressed the issue.

“Orlock is coming here to kill the three of us. And he is going to start with me. Because I killed his brother, Brutus, unknowingly and unwillingly. Then he is going to kill you for being a human that gained power he feels you do not deserve. And finally, he is going to kill her for technically being a Belmont.” Spider-Man said.

“no offense, but you are just an everyman who has superhuman powers. My power is enough to challenge him.” Tsukune said, turning to leave. After the heated talk, Tsukune went inside. “point is; I’ll do anything to protect the people of New York City; if I have to become a monster, so be it.” Spider-Man finished, turning to web swing home.

Tsukune went back into the hotel, catching up with his friends and teacher. They were already in their rooms when he came in. they noticed his eyes were red, his teeth bared, his aura intensifying. They asked him what was wrong. “I can’t believe it; he knew what we were.” Tsukune said.

“if that’s the case, we’ll use this woman as a hostage and—” Kokoa started before another pan to the head knocked her out. “That would explain his eyes glowing; he could sense auras and their levels.” Gin explained. “It’s official; we’re too late. We came to prevent Iskatu from putting Asura energy and we failed.” Kurumu said, feeling defeated.

“If he knew the coven was setting up a trap for him, he would still go regardless. Being an avenger, he knew the risks before anyone did.” Inner Moka said, speaking through the Rosario. “an avenger… is that basically a type of soldier?” Mizore asked.

Izual teleported into the room, startling the group. “he has no military training like his uncle did.” Izual lamented. “how do you know that?” Mizore asked, concern in her face. “during our brief fight, I noticed that he relies on his agility, his webs and his sixth sense more than his strength. Clearly a far cry from when he fought Deathwing.” Izual started, recalling the rumor he had heard.

“we realized from the glowing veins and eyes and crazed expression, he was infused with Fel, allowing him to fight Deathwing to a standstill.” Izual said, remembering how the Fel works. “but isn’t Fel magic known to be addictive and corruptive and draining?” Yukari said, hearing stories of how heroes became corrupted by the very magic they tried to control.

“normally, yes, but he was still in control of himself. That meant he is pure of heart. His willpower knows no limit.” Izual said, recalling how Neltharion and Alexstrasza had faith in humanity when others didn’t. “he told me that. There was anger in his eyes when I tried to lie to him.” Tsukune confirmed.

“he also said that He, Moka and I were going to die by Orlock’s hands.” Tsukune, unknowingly triggering a certain memory of Izual’s. “did you just say…” Izual said, eyes darkening. The whole club looked at him, wide eyed at what he’s going to do. “…Orlock?” Izual asked, remembering the older of the two brothers Dracula exiled.

“yeah, why?” Tsukune asked, fearing what Izual will do or say next. “Orlock was the sole reason that Ghouls are Urzael’s domain…” Izual started. “it all started when Orlock first unleashed his first pack of Ghouls…” Izual started.


Izual was in an arena, Dracula himself along with his lieutenants and granddaughter are watching the fight that Orlock insisted on testing Izual’s prowess. The door to Izual’s opponent opened and a group of creatures came charging. The creatures clearly had features similar to vampires albeit more primal.

Their nails turned to claws and their teeth take on a predatory look. Their eyes red as blood with reptilian pupils, their skin pale from being out of sunlight. But the worst part was that they function in numbers. With one of them being slightly bigger and more muscular than the rest; this was the alpha. These were ghouls, creatures that served Carmilla.

When the order to begin was called out, the ghouls charged at Izual who just stood there. The ghouls relied on numbers but were completely uncontrolled to most. These ghouls have an alpha to relay orders, but their minds are nowhere near the same level as vampires or even werewolves.

The ghouls would’ve overwhelmed Izual if he didn’t have any experience fighting demons that relied on such a tactic. He destroyed them all easily. The alpha did something unexpected; he consumed his fellow ghouls and mutated into a form comparable to an Oppressor Demon.

The Ghoul alpha’s physique took on a hulk like form with grotesquely bulging muscles, skin tore in places, showing that the skin cannot keep up with the muscles, the bones mutated to the point where spikes jutted from the heels, elbows, along the spine, from the pelvis, knuckles, the sternum and even from around the eyes.

All in all, it was more demon than ghoul. “I knew it was going to be the toughest fight I ever had since my failed assault on the Hell-Forge.” Izual said, shedding tears. “before I knew it, the ghoul berserker charged at me, giving me no chance of defending myself, let alone fighting back.” Izual said, remembering the beatdown he gotten.

The fight was pretty much in the ghoul berserker’s favor until it started to suffer a heart attack. Izual noticed this and granted the creature peace. He summoned an ice mace and slammed it onto the ghoul’s head, destroying it and splattering blood all over the arena floor.

“it was after that battle that Lord Dracula, in cold burning fury, ordered the remaining ghouls destroyed and the notes burned.” Izual said, recalling Dracula grabbing Orlock and Brutus by the necks and dangling them over lava.

*flashback end*

“I oversaw the creation of new yet similar creatures called Bloodfiends. While similar to ghouls, they were tame in comparison until ordered to attack. There are no alphas, to ensure complete obedience.” Izual finished, clenching his fist.

“but they disobeyed, didn’t they?” Gin asked. Izual nodded solemnly. “you don’t have to keep going.” Mizore pleaded, despite knowing that what Izual was saying was important.

“it all started when Akasha was kidnapped. Good thing he ordered Sylvannas to spy on Orlock and Brutus for any suspicious activities.” Izual started, glaring to the night sky.

“Those two were bad news incarnate. When Dracula and I found out, we paid a visit to their cottage where we found out that the ghouls were not destroyed, and the notes were not burnt as he had ordered.” Izual said, bearing his teeth and growling an inhuman growl.


Izual kicked in the door, alerting the ghouls to their presence. “the ghouls were not destroyed as you ordered, brother.” Izual pointed out. “then we shall eradicate them ourselves.” Dracula proclaimed. The ghouls charged at the two corrupted angels, only to be killed easily.

“Orlock!” Dracula called out. “Brutus!” Izual called out. “ah, Belmont! I didn’t realize you were paying a visit.” Orlock said, mockingly. “Now he hated being called his original identity at the time. So, Orlock finding out via Orlock torturing his granddaughter just because she was a Belmont angered him in more ways than one.” Izual explained.

“I gave you two an order…” Dracula said, growling. “we have no intention of taking orders from an angel who is no better than a demon.” Brutus said, hitting the nail on the head. Izual sucker punched Brutus in an instant. Dracula summoned Azurewrath and fought Orlock in a fencing battle.

Brutus went to his berserker form and fought Izual tooth and claw. Akasha undid her binds, burned the notes and killed the developing ghouls. Akasha turned into a swarm of bats and flew out the door. ‘now that she’s safe, Dracula and I can go all out.’ Izual thought.

The four combatants continued to battle one another even as the cottage went up in flames. The two corrupted angels soon defeated the now dishonored vampires, sending them reeling out of the cottage. The two brothers were then enchained and then exiled by the Dragon himself for not only disobedience but also misconduct.

“know this Dracula; we will not rest until the Belmont, Van Helsing and Parkerson bloodlines are erased from existence!” Orlock declared, turning to walk away. “Izual… I expect a rematch.” Brutus said, denial evident in his voice. “it was a long time since we had last heard from those two. Little did we know and realized, they did not forget what we had done.” Izual lamented.

*flashback end*

“and now, after all these years, Orlock and Brutus still did not learn a thing or two.” Tsukune summed it all up. “yeah…” Izual said. “we’ll protect Tsukune and Moka with our lives.” Yukari said. “Orlock and Brutus are vampires and thus, S-class monsters. They have combat experience to fall back on.” Izual replied, shaking his head. “oh.” Yukari moaned.

Rosario Vampire: Azura's Legacy: Act 1
here it is... the beginning of the New York Arc. this takes place a few days after the events of chapters 1-3 pt 2 in Asura Spider.

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Chapter 3: visit of the Terror Demon and a vampire.

-with Darion-

Darion was healing his wounds after the severe beating given to him by Issa and his two wives. “Izual, you’ve been quiet as of late.” Darion pointed out. “Iskatu is going to pay a visit to Yokai Academy and you can bet he’ll bring the five enforcers with him.” Izual said

if that’s the case, Izual, then go and warn him.” Darion ordered. Izual nodded and flew to warn his newfound little brother. “I got the feeling Baskerville and his pack will be needed before it’s over.” Sylvannas said. Darion got up from his operating table and put on his armor.

-with Tsukune-

Tsukune was taking another walk after school was out for the day again. He noticed that the sky was darkening. “This can’t be good.” Tsukune said, walking again.

Tsukune didn’t get very far before a presence appeared and tried to attack him. Tsukune turned into a swarm of bats and led the presence far from the school.

Tsukune went to where Tsuara and Ageha tried to stop him once before. He turned back into his original form and turned to face his attacker, narrowing his eyes. He engaged his shadow whip and prepared for the worse. He sensed the same aura again and looked to see a demon.

The demon had a vaguely skull-like face. His body evoked insects in his skin and limbs and reptiles in his tail and claws. His teeth evoked a carnivore. His chitinous skin was a greenish color with black claws and spikes. His eyes and the inside of his mouth glowed neon green. The most notable feature was the scar that went diagonally across his face.

who the hell are you?” Tsukune asked the demon. the demon crossed his arms, looked right at him and simply said, “I am Iskatu, servant of Diablo, Lord of Terror and the Prime Evil.” Iskatu introduced himself. “I see you have obtained his power.” Iskatu said, pointing to Tsukune’s right arm.

I am Tsukune Aono, the new Prince of Darkness.” Tsukune introduced himself in return. “I will use this power to protect my friends and family.” Tsukune boasted, showing his red gauntlet to Iskatu who was unimpressed.

sure, you can protect your friends and family. But will they accept you… for what you have become?” Iskatu asked, inflicting the first signs of psychological warfare.

Bearing his teeth, Tsukune charged at Iskatu. Tsukune, being in his human form, could not land a single hit on the demon. Iskatu explained to him that Tsukune needs to fight in his true form to have a chance.

-with Moka, Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari, Kokoa and Ruby-

Moka was in shock, she, along with her sister and friends, had sensed a demonic aura that her great grandfather mentioned once. Kurumu was all too familiar with that aura. She has been told stories of Diablo and his strongest and most loyal servant; Iskatu.

Kurumu, unveiling her wings, flew after Tsukune, following the auras. Ruby carried Moka and Mizore while Yukari used a flying spell on herself and Kokoa. “what just got into Kurumu?” Ruby asked.

-with Tsukune-

Tsukune and Iskatu were duking it out. Tsukune’s clothes had scratches. The part of the jacket connected to the right sleeve was torn to shreds, scratches covered his face and upper torso, whereas Iskatu remained untouched. Breathing heavily, Tsukune can only hold out long enough for his friends to get to him.

by the time they find us, you will be near death.” Iskatu started. “that is your greatest fear; seeing your friends die for you while you do nothing to prevent their deaths.” Iskatu explained, noticing Tsukune becoming more enraged. Tsukune charged, yelling Iskatu’s name.

Iskatu charged in return and clashed. The first clash took Tsukune’s right arm off, sending the latter into shock. Iskatu then pressed his attack. Tsukune was soon critically wounded and then sent flying to add insult to injury to where Moka’s father’s castle originally was.

you see…” Iskatu started, blinking Tsukune’s location. Tsukune snarled in defiance as he launched a right hook against Iskatu, only to have it ripped off. “…you cannot defeat me the way you are now.” Iskatu finished, kicking Tsukune to the ground.

Iskatu blinked to Tsukune’s position and proceeded to cruelly and brutally gouge his eyes with his index and middle fingers, causing the new prince of darkness immense pain and to scream louder than ever before. Iskatu proceeded to plunge his hand into his chest before he sensed an aura.

He blinked to another spot in time to see Kurumu swipe her claws empty air. The two kept at it all the while Tsukune labored in pain.

-with Kurumu-

Kurumu turned to face Iskatu, her teeth bared, her wings flared out and her claws ready. She looked back to Tsukune in a ravaged state then back to Iskatu with anger and hate in her eyes. A few seconds passed as Iskatu went into his combat stance.

A bead of collected on Kurumu’s face, indicating that’s she’s mostly scared but her anger at Tsukune’s current physical state fed her power. It drizzled down to her chin then fell off. It struck the ground and in an instant, both combatants charged.

Blows were dodged and intercepted but neither Kurumu nor Iskatu could land a blow upon one another. Iskatu’s amusement turn to frustration as he flashed back to his last fight that left him with the diagonal scar on his face. Kurumu was just as frustrated that she isn’t harming Iskatu.

-with Moka, Kokoa, Mizore, Ruby and Yukari-

The five girls flew to see Tsukune a complete wreck. Moka ran to him. “Tsukune!” Moka yelled, running to his side and holding him, not caring for the blood spilling out of him. Mizore sighted his right arm and went to retrieve it. Yukari and Ruby were shocked at how whoever did this could be so cruel.

Kokoa was completely off guard at what she should think. She looked to see the fight between Kurumu and Tsukune’s attacker. Kokoa grabbed her bat who changed into an axe and charged to the battle. Tsukune removed Moka’s Rosario, despite his blindness, and Inner Moka was unleashed. Mizore and Inner Moka charged to Kurumu’s aid. Ruby and Yukari stayed with Tsukune.

-with Inner Moka, Mizore, Kurumu and Kokoa-

The five girls attacked Iskatu in a rage, forcing Iskatu to use his teleporting ability more than ever to avoid getting hit by their attacks. A blur came and scratched Iskatu right across the chest, causing Iskatu immense pain. “Argh!” Iskatu yelled in pain, clutching his chest.

His eyes locked onto the one who did the deed. It was Ginei Morioka in his true form, a werewolf. “it seemed fate smiled upon me, now that you showed up. I just need simply to kill you and my parents can finally rest.” Gin declared, flexing his blood covered claws.

You have grown more formidable.” Iskatu commented, seeing Gin’s powers. The battle soon resumed.

-with Tsukune-

Tsukune was still laying in a pool of blood despite Yukari’s use of holy cards to heal him. “Iskatu has such strength that even a vampire won’t heal from his attacks.” Ruby said, tears shedding from her eyes. “your time as a human ended, but your humanity remains strong.” A voice started.

Tsukune recognized that voice as the one who chose him to be the next prince of darkness. Tsukune looked to see the same knight who had waged war on humanity once before. “This is only a shadow of Azura who shall impart his knowledge and experience that shall aid you in the coming battles.” The shadow said.

Tsukune’s eyes healed then opened, revealing his eyes to have sclera and silver irises with narrow reptilian pupils. His teeth became those of vampires and tendrils of yokai energy and blood shot out from him. his right arm launched itself and reattached to him.

Tsukune became the blood itself and changed before Yukari and Ruby’s eyes. After transforming, he now appeared as his reflection. “of course, his reflection was actually his true nature.” Ruby surmised.

Yukari squealed with joy seeing him alive. Tsukune walked past them and charged. “he’s…” Yukari started. “unveiled his true form!” Ruby finished.

-with Moka, Kokoa, Kurumu, Mizore and Gin-

The werewolf, the two vampires, the succubus and Yuki-Onna were fighting Iskatu with everything they’ve got. Iskatu still got bit and scratched by Gin the most. “none can best Iskatu! Not even…” Iskatu started before a swarm bats charged at him.

…a swarm of bats?” Iskatu finished before the swarm turned into Tsukune who punched Iskatu in the gut. Iskatu barfed out his blood in response. The returning opponent backed away slightly so Iskatu can clutch his abdomen in pain. Tsukune then sucker punched him in the face, reopening the scar on said face.

Iskatu was sent flying. “you ready for round 2, Iskatu?” Tsukune said in a voice that wasn’t halfway his own. Tsukune turned around to see his five friends thrashed. Gin had some of his fur ripped off at the shoulder and chest. Kurumu, Mizore and Kokoa had their outfits torn in places; their skirts, their shirts and even their socks.

Moka had the worst of it; her lips were cracked and bleeding, her outfit tattered rags, scratches and bruises lined her face and body and her right temple was bleeding. They soon heard roaring. “That actually hurts.” Isaktu commented. Tsukune turned around and the two combatants teleported and attacked one another.

-with Ruby and Yukari-

The two witches headed to Tsukune’s last location before he and Iskatu resumed their fight. Gin and the three girls turned around, not knowing that Moka took off after Iskatu. “Did you just see that?” Yukari asked, her inner fangirl acting up.

yeah.” Gin said, still shell-shocked. “we just saw a knight with a red cape punch Iskatu in the stomach and then punched him in the face, sending him flying.” Kokoa replied, ticked that Iskatu does not see her as formidable. “then he teleported and attacked.” Kurumu stated.

not before Iskatu mentioned swarm of bats.” Mizore pointed out. “If Tsukune knows what it is, I’m gonna pound him until he tells me—” Kokoa started before Ruby interrupted with, “That is Tsukune.” Ruby said. “What?” Kurumu said, not hearing what she heard.

That is Tsukune.” Ruby repeated herself. “he turned into that Knight right in front of us.” Yukari squealed. “Moka, what do you—" Yukari started before noticing that Moka was not with them. They looked to see Moka’s silhouette headed to where Tsukune and Iskatu were duking it out.

-with Moka-

I need to be sure…” Moka said to herself, wincing from the blows she suffered. She stopped to see that Iskatu and Tsukune were still duking it out and were, surprisingly, evenly matched at first, then Tsukune summoned large bats and Hellhounds alike. “Oh, shit…” Iskatu said, remembering that whistling sound.

so, you have chosen a new master, Baskerville.” Iskatu said to Baskerville, snarling. “Indeed…” Baskerville replied. The Hellhounds attacked Iskatu all at once, leaving Iskatu to teleport out of their circles of death.

A yell soon uttered overhead. “in the name of God!!!” Izual’s voice yelled out. Iskatu and Moka looked up to see a comet bearing down on Iskatu, prompting him to look up as well.

oh sonofabitch.” Iskatu said before getting plowed into the ground. Izual roared with fury and pummeled away at Iskatu. A portal opened, and a demon came, bull rushing Izual off Iskatu.

The demon in question has red skin, a tail and a mane of fire, this was a fire giant. This fire giant wears armor like Izual’s but had several differences. The closed helmet had an open demonic mouth, adding to its terrifying appearance.

Its armor consisted of gauntlets extending to be near the elbows, the couters covered the elbows, the pauldrons covering the shoulders were covered in spikes. The armor on the legs consisted of greaves and sabatons to cover the theropod styled legs and feet.

The belt wrapped around the abdomen had a stylized skull in the center. His tail ended in a Morningstar styled weapon. The most dangerous aspect of this demon is the vibe of a berserker, complete with a bardiche that can be wielded with one or two hands.

The bardiche itself had unnatural power. The shaft, being made of metal, was durable so Moka knew she couldn’t dent it. The head of the bardiche had an appearance that indicated maximum power and carnage with a serrated edge, a spike jutting from the back and a small pike jutting from the top.

The biggest characteristic was a golden snake slithering up the haft with the head being on the Axe head. this was the Burst of Wrath, a bardiche embodying the sin of wrath. The wielder, was Zaboul, the lord of wrath, a demon who took on the form of a fire giant when Surtur and his children allied with Diablo and the burning hells.

Izual got up from the bull rush, summoned a sword of ice and charged. Moka, wincing, got back to her feet. “the trap is set Iskatu, the bait is prepared. You need but inject the asura king’s power into the Nephalem of Spiders and the rest is up to Lord Diablo.” Zaboul explained.

Excellent, Zaboul.” Iskatu said. “we still didn’t finish our fight, demon.” Tsukune yelled out, charging at Iskatu.

if you wish to finish this, then follow me through the portal.” Iskatu said as he turned to leave. Moka jump kicked on his head, shouting “Tag!” along the way. The portal closed instantly. Iskatu was about to attack Moka when Tsukune punched him.

Together, Moka and Tsukune wailed on Iskatu while Izual fought Zaboul to a standstill. “what the…” Tsukune said as he sighted something on Iskatu’s left arm. Moka noticed it too. “What is that?” Moka asked. Iskatu stopped fighting momentarily to unsheathe the combat knife.

The combat knife in question was clearly a Gerber Mark II but emitted a lot of holy power. It had a leather washer grip. The blade however had the name Parker acid-etched onto it. The blade itself also looked as though it was dipped in holy water and rubbed with salt, explaining the pattern.

This combat Knife belonged to a human named Benjamin Parker, a marine who fought me… and won.” Iskatu stated, holding the knife, minding the light emitting blade.


Ben Parker was patrolling as always when he heard gunfire. He ran back to base to see a lot of men injured and an individual wearing a trenchcoat, leather pants and what looked like combat boots, his hands in encased in gauntlets with extensions that resembled claws.

The individual turned to face the young Parker. His face, clearly emaciated with eyes that were demonic in appearance. This, combined with his teeth and pale skin and glowing veins, made this individual truly demonic. This was Iskatu disguised as a human.

Ben Parker unsheathed his knife to engage Iskatu in combat. The fight was soon on. Iskatu, having superhuman powers, had the advantage. Ben Parker only made up for it in training, adaptability and spirit.

Several minutes passed before Iskatu grabbed Ben by the shirt and told him, “Let’s go for a ride.” Iskatu said before teleporting with Ben Parker around and throughout the base, delivering a beatdown along the way. Ben returned a few punches and kicks but Iskatu had more strength to bare.

It kept on until another soldier shot Iskatu in the back, getting his attention. “Ross!” Iskatu shouted in rage. The soldier who shot was Thaddeus “thunderbolt” Ross who would become a general in the U.S army. “come here, you foul sonofabitch.” Ross demanded as he got out his pistol and shot Iskatu.

Ben Parker got back to his feet, grabbed his knife and approached Iskatu from behind. Iskatu backhanded the pistol from Ross and grabbed him by the neck. Iskatu soon felt a sharp blade go into his back, causing him immense pain. Due to the pain he was in, his human disguise died, revealing his true form.

Iskatu, now enraged, placed his focus back on Parker, intending to kill him for the act. Ben, having analyzed Iskatu’s fight pattern, returned fire full force. That kept going on until Ben Parker swung his blade in a diagonal arc that resulted in the scar going across his face diagonally.

You will pay for this, Parker.” Iskatu declared, clutching his face before teleporting away from his newfound hated foe.

*flashback end*

Ben Parker, despite the misfortune that constantly befalls his family, always found a way to bounce back as the human saying goes.” Iskatu said, running his fingers along the scar. “Then there was the night he and I were to settle our score…” Iskatu started.


Iskatu was leaping from building to building to find Ben Parker’s residence so that they can have a rematch. As he was close to the residence, he saw an ambulance and landed on the roof to get to the residence faster. The ambulance stopped at the parker residence. Iskatu stayed hidden and watched.

When Ben Parker was carried out, Iskatu noticed a fatal wound. “My rematch…” Iskatu said as his rage reached heights only Baal ever reached once before. He looked to see a 15-year-old boy and realized, that was Ben Parker’s kid, more precisely, nephew.

Iskatu teleported to his foe’s killer’s location, a warehouse, and attacked. “That was my kill! And now, I shall take what should’ve been rightfully mine.” Iskatu said, grabbing the combat knife that the burglar took from Ben Parker in his haste. The same combat knife that gave Iskatu the scar he carries to this day. He soon heard a thwip sound.

I was going to kill you, but I decided that fate has other plans.” Iskatu said, teleporting to where he can watch the action without being seen. As if on cue, the same 15-year-old broke in and attacked the burglar. “Hmm. This boy could be useful…” Iskatu mused as he watched.

What are you supposed to be?” the burglar asked. “Payback.” Peter answered. “I don’t think so.” the Burglar said, getting out his gun to shoot Peter, only for Peter to shoot a web at it, taking it from the burglar and throwing it aside. “You’re coming with me.” Peter said.

The Burglar tried to run, only to be grabbed and thrown into several crates. “Ooh…” Iskatu commented, one eye shut.

Don’t hurt me.” The burglar begged. “making a request? You’re quoting someone else from tonight.” Peter said. “I didn’t mean to—” the burglar started before the latter webbed him to a wall. “Save your excuses!” peter demanded as he grabbed the burglar off the wall and threw him to the floor.

all I want to hear is your screams!” Peter raged. Iskatu was taking a liking to the teenager already. Peter whipped off the Burglar’s mask, ready to punch him to death when the former stopped. “That face…” Peter started as he flashed back to the day he let the burglar get away.

I remember that face.” Peter said. “what have I done?” Peter asked himself. He fell to his knees and punched the ground, causing a fist-sized crater. The burglar got to his feet and ran. “What have I done?!” Peter screamed with self-hating fury. “well, that’s disappointing.” Iskatu said, scowling in disappointment.

Iskatu decided to finish his kill when he noticed that cops already had him. “oh well…” Iskatu started, turning to peter, who was causing the fist-sized crater to increase in size with each punch. “…you will get another chance to prove yourself…” Iskatu said, turning to the now leaving cops. “…Soon enough.” Iskatu finished, teleporting to his superior.

It is time to train her, Iskatu.” Lucion ordered. “understood.” Iskatu replied.

*flashback end*

after that night, I vowed to bring him into Hell’s fold. To do that, we had to make his life as living a hell as possible. But we never bothered studying the extent of the strength of his will.” Iskatu finished, bearing his teeth at the memory.

Blackheart’s failure to recruit him and the one called Daredevil proved that humanity, even without Nephalem powers, was always a resilient force.” Iskatu stated. He looked at them with fire in his eyes. “if you truly wish to save him from the fate we have prepared for him, follow me to the big apple.” Iskatu declared.

Iskatu opened a portal to New York Harbor and sprinted right through. Zaboul followed afterwards. The portal then closed before Tsukune could go after them. Moka swayed back and forth, moaning. Her entire body trembled. Tsukune saw that and went to her.

-with Tsukune-

Tsukune caught Moka before she even fell to the ground. “Izual, when her bloodlust takes control, do not attack her.” Tsukune ordered. “Understood little brother.” Izual replied. Moka’s thirst for blood did just that. As always, Moka went for the neck.

With every drop of blood drank, her wounds healed. Even her lips that were once cracked have now healed. Moka hummed with pleasure. Moka soon began shivering, prompting Izual to take two cloths hanging from his pauldrons and cover Moka with them, creating a makeshift blanket.

Tsukune!” a voice yelled out. Tsukune and Izual looked to see the rest of the newspaper club. The whole group caught up to Tsukune and Moka. “Moka just took off without even warning us!” Kurumu shouted, puffing her cheeks. Tsukune and Izual took turns explaining about the fight with Iskatu.

that sounds like a Gerber Mark II!” Kokoa said, recalling the knife’s description. “it is also a holy blade.” Izual pointed out. “Why is it a holy weapon?” Gin asked the Archangel. “because it was blessed by the Angiris Council, dipped in Holy water, rubbed in salt and forged with an iron core, making it a powerful weapon, worthy of a man of god.” Izual answered.

why does Iskatu have a holy weapon, knowing how dangerous it is to his health?” Kokoa asked, listening for a heartbeat in her sister’s chest. “a constant reminder of the scar he got and the one who gave it.” Izual answered. “try putting your index and middle fingers on her neck.” Izual said.

Kokoa did just that and was relieved. “how else am I going to fight her?” Kokoa asked. Izual sweat dropped at her question and obsessive personality.

-with Akasha Bloodriver-

I’m contacting him.” Akasha said opening a portal to New York City. More specifically, Spector towers. After appearing in front of Spector Towers, she turned into a swarm of bats and went to confront Marc Spector. She saw him standing there. Feeling mischievous, she glided over to him, hoping to get a drink of his blood.

She placed her hands on his chest, to keep him from going anywhere and sank her teeth into his neck. Something was different to her, she should be feeling flesh and blood on her teeth, not spongy material. “wait a minute…” Akasha said before feeling tips of bladed weapons on her neck, upper back and lower back.

your skills are as sharp as ever, Moon Knight.” Akasha said, shocked at how he got the jump on her. “you’re not here for a typical visit.” Marc Spector said. Akasha turned around after Moon Knight retracted his weapons from her back and neck.

I’m afraid you’re right; I’m looking for your web-headed companion.” Akasha answered. Moon Knight perked up at her mentioning of Spider-Man. “If he’s not nearby, he could anywhere in Manhattan.” Moon Knight said, going to work on the Mooncopter.

I’ll just look—” Akasha said before Moon Knight interrupted, “Just wait for it.” Moon Knight said. Akasha followed him to hear a thwip sound. “There it is.” Moon Knight said. Akasha turned to see a figure working on the Mooncopter. “Hey, Mooney.” The source of the thwip sound said. “Mooney?” Akasha asked, glaring at Moon Knight.

it’s not what you think.” Marc said. Akasha looked to see the figure Iskatu had mentioned. His colors were indeed bright despite the night sky. His colors are a vibrant red and blue. Black bands separated the gloves and boots the red boots, gloves, head, shoulders and chest, down along the abdomen had a black web pattern.

The spider on his chest is small and black, the one on his back is merely a circle with square-like legs. This is Spider-Man.

now that you’re here, I can give the warning.” Akasha said walking to him. “Warning?” Spider-Man asked. “yes. if you go, your fate will be sealed.” Akasha said simply.

Question marks appeared around Spidey’s head, showing his confusion. “The missing people. They were kidnapped.” Akasha started. “I figured that out when I saw bunch of kids get abducted by chains that dragged them into a portal.” Spider-Man replied. Akasha looked at him. “I’m smart that way.” Spider-Man stated.

You’re not listening. They’re the bait.” Akasha said again, her hand on her chest. “I’m going to save them. Every second I waste talking to you puts them closer to death.” Spidey said, not liking being delayed.

That’s what the coven wants. They want you right where they want you, so they can inflict whatever is in store for you.” Akasha begged, tears in her eyes.

Sighing, he thanked her for the warning and then web swung to save the kidnapped people. “Why would he still go?” Akasha said, going to a nearby couch and laid herself down in it. “his loyalty to the people of New York City is absolute.” Marc Spector answered. Sighing, she fell asleep.

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Chapter 2: First signs and a vampire

-with the newspaper club-

girls, club meeting.” Gin ordered. The girls gathered around him. ever since Darion came to Yokai Academy, Tsukune has been in the nurse’s office after Gin dropped him off. “That guy was Darion Mograine.” A woman started. the club turned to see a woman wearing a white blouse, orange skirt and sandy blonde hair.

Two ears of the same color protruded from her head and a tail, also of the same color, protruded from above her buttocks. This was Shizuka Nekonome, their club’s founder and only human accepting teacher.

I’ve heard stories of his exploits from being a hero to the humans to becoming Dracula’s right-hand or second-in-command.” Nekonome said. “Darion, a revenant, was made second-in-command, so Vampires and Werewolves don’t compete for the Dragon’s affections or attention.” Ginei said.

what’s a Revenant?” Kurumu asked. “one who has returned.” Yukari answered grimly. “That Darion had an awful amount of yoki for a run-of-the-mill revenant.” Mizore pointed out. “That’s because he’s a revenant lord; a revenant that has reached the pinnacle of revenant potential and abilities.” Nekonome said.

He could go toe-to-toe with father!” Kokoa said, fear creeping up her spine. “more than that; he can defeat the three dark lords with ease, at least in theory.” Inner Moka said through the Rosario. “being undead, revenants can go 100% but Darion can go above even that.” Ruby said, entering the Newspaper clubroom.

-with Tsukune-

Tsukune was still resting after that episode with Darion. But within his mind, a memory stirred, not his own. Tsukune saw the mightiest creature of all; an angel. The dragons were considered the gods of the Yokai realm but even they are not infallible. The angels are considered beings of light and opposites of the demons.


do we not know the dragon to a liar? Do we not know his works to be an illusion?” an old man asked. Tsukune looked at him to notice that this was an archbishop. “of course, we do; Illusions and falsehoods hold no fear for us.” The archbishop started, not noticing dark clouds forming overhead.

for we are the righteous of Targoviste, living as if cradled in the love of God.” The Archbishop finished before a drop of blood hit his hand. He looked to see that it was blood. Soon it started to rain blood. Glass shattered, forming makeshift javelins that launched themselves at the Archbishop, forcing him to the ground.

People panicked as it started raining not just blood but even fetuses as well. The cathedral behind the Archbishop was soon destroyed.

one year…” a voice started. Tsukune looked up to see a knight-like figure standing over an archbishop. His armor was black as though it was scorched. Gold trim were on the armor.

The most obvious clue to the figure was the motif of the armor; it was a western dragon. His eyes were the same ones he saw once before. This was Dracula, The Dragon.

I gave you… one year… to make your peace… with your god.” The Dragon said, glaring down on the people beneath him. “and what do you do? Celebrate the day you killed my husband…” A figure continued. Tsukune looked at the woman to see that she had fiery red hair like Kokoa, only more akin to actual fire.

my wife and children… my brother’s wife and children.” another figure said. “one year he gave you while he assembled Legio Dracul…” a figure said. Tsukune looked at the figure and realized that was the same Death Knight he met before. He looked at the figure who mentioned wife and children.

This figure had an owl-like appearance. His hands and feet were talons, his wings, those of a raptor (bird of prey) on his face, a beak. On his head, ear tufts that add to the demonic appearance of the figure. The most obvious detail were the eyes; they were red and black slit pupils. ‘this owlman must be an S-class monster.’ Tsukune thought.

and now… we bring your death.” One last figure said. Tsukune looked at the last figure and saw it was Izual. “you had your chance…” The dragon said before summoning the full brunt of Legio Dracul. Tsukune noticed Moka and Kokoa’s father, Issa Shuzen, among them.

A woman, also a vampire, had olive skin, blonde hair and was wearing armor that exposed her lower abdomen, lower back, sides and cleavage. She unveiled her arming sword and screamed a war cry, spurring the other vampires, humanlike and dishonored alike.

Two more figures, Werewolf alphas, howled, spurring their respective packs into a frenzy. The one on the right had grey fur like Gin’s with brown hair which led Tsukune to believe that this was either Gin’s father or guardian. He wore pants with a red loincloth. His physique, size and scars indicated his alpha status. This was Cornell Bloodfang.

The one on the left had darker brown fur. He wore pants and a purple loincloth. Like Cornell, this one was an alpha, due to the size, physique and scars. His red eyes, unlike Cornell’s had no humanity left in them. This was Ortega Shadowclaw. The humanoid owl charged at the crowd and swiped his right hand at a man, woman and boy.

The man and boy were slaughtered, but the woman still stood, clutching her arm. When she turned to face Tsukune, her face revealed that her jaw was taken out along with her left eye. The people around him screamed. Tsukune wanted to scream badly but couldn’t.

All he could do was watch. The Death knights charged at the people, slaughtering them like cattle and sheep. The people around Tsukune screamed and ran in vain as the monsters that serve that dragon are faster and stronger, on foot, on horseback or in the air.

A tribe of cloaked strangers stepped in and unleashed their magic. “Owl Demon, show our lord and master your worth.” Ortega ordered. The owl demon made it clear that he is a servant only because he was pushed to the brink, but nonetheless complied.

Dracula stepped in front of the Owl Demon, telling him to focus on the defenseless. “I’ll deal with these Speakers myself.” Dracula said as he engulfed his hands in the same fire as Darion. “Yes, Lord Dracula.” The Owl Demon said, flying. “he must have taught Darion how to use those Runic magics.” Tsukune said, having an epiphany.

I haven’t seen magic users since the Sin War.” Dracula started, flashing back to the Sin War and fighting the Demon who tortured Izual. He dispatched them all too easily using his blood whip and swung it like a madman yet with precision like a samurai.

The Speakers in front of him were now nothing more than food his children. He sprouted wings that were bat-like and took to the skies. Gargoyles shot balls of fire at people who hid in their homes, causing said homes to explode. “Kill everything you see, kill them all.” Dracula started, growing horns.

The Gargoyles, Harpies, Undead, Vampires and Werewolves looked to their master, awaiting further orders. “once Targoviste has been made into memorial for my son-in-law and the Owl Demon’s wife and children and those of his brother’s, go forth into the country. Go now.” Dracula continued, slowly taking on his moniker’s namesake form.

Go to all the cities in Wallachia; Arges! Severin! Gresit! Chilia! Enisara! Go now and kill…” Dracula said, becoming a full-blown dragon. “Kill for my Son-in-law and the only love… my daughter ever knew…” Dracula said. “kill for the only loves my brother and I had ever known…” the owl demon said.

The Dragon’s Legion spread out into the country with Izual and the Owl Demon leading the Gargoyles and Harpies to attack Gresit first.

*flashback end*

What the hell…?” Tsukune started as he woke up with Gin coming in to pick him up. Gin told him to get up and walk with him. Tsukune did as he was asked. Gin decided to tell Tsukune of what went down ever since he lost consciousness. From the Director knocking him out to the girls wondering on what they should do.

-1 day later… with Tsukune-

After school was out for the day, Tsukune went to the spot he first encountered Darion Mograine. He looked at the surface of the lake and saw something wrong; his reflection. “What the…?” Tsukune wondered aloud. Instead of the same appearance as any reflection, his reflection was different.

The reflection had a barbute-like helmet, cuirass, pauldrons, fauldsm greaves and sabatons and vambraces and gauntlets. All the following were a dark azure in color with golden trim. A red cape billowed from behind him. two golden disc-like caps attached the cape to the cuirass. The areas not covered by armor were greyish brown.

The overall Motif, like Dracula’s appearance, was that of a western dragon. The scariest features were the eyes and teeth; the eyes, the sclera, a dark red, and the irises, a pure silver. The teeth, vampiric in appearance. “okay…” Tsukune started, shocked at what he was looking at. The claws jutting from the plated fingers were gold as well.

Tsukune decided to flex his arms, the reflection followed suit. after a few minutes, a bark was heard. Tsukune looked to see a dog. He could tell it was a Rottweiler-Husky mix albeit with ruffled fur, a spiked collar was around its neck, fur black as the night sky with red tinged areas on the snout, paws and tail.

The dog was panting while staring at Tsukune. “how did a dog like you get here?” Tsukune asked the dog. The dog simply sat down, still panting. Tsukune soon felt an unbearable pain in his arm. He looked at his right arm to see it looking as though there were creatures moving around inside.

The dog leapt at Tsukune and bit down on his arm hard. Then let go then bit his hand. Then surprisingly, the dog turned into smoke and vanished. “What the hell?!” Tsukune shouted to no one. A scream was suddenly heard. “Moka!!!” Tsukune shouted turning to face the direction of the scream.

Tsukune ran only to turn into a swarm of bats. The swarm went closer to the scream. Tsukune, in bat swarm form, landed on the ground, going back to human form. The experience, in Tsukune’s mind, was exhilarating. He ran the rest of the way until he found his friends struggling with a foe.

Moka was being held by the waist by a large hand. The yokai in question was a mountain troll, judging from the size, with sharp teeth spikes going along the spine. “no one is tougher than Chopper Rikiishi!” The troll proclaimed. Growling, his eyes became those of his reflection, his teeth became vampire teeth, his nails elongated.

He charged at Chopper and delivered one hell of an uppercut, sending him into the air then turning into a bat swarm and zipping after him. Tsukune wailed on him, swinging his shadow whip at every angle, causing his stone hard skin to show scratches.

Sadistic laughter uttered from Tsukune as Chopper swung his fists to hit only thin air. “Does it hurt?” Tsukune asked, grinning ferally with bloodshot eyes. Chopper growled then launched another punch only to miss again.

-with Moka, Yukari, Mizore, Kurumu and Kokoa-

unbelievable!” Kokoa shouted. “Tsukune… What’s happened to you?” Moka asked. “I’m more worried about why he’s like this.” Mizore said. “what’s that red gauntlet on his arm?” Yukari said, looking at the red gauntlet. “I’m more worried about what happens if Tsukune runs out of fuel for his boost.” Kurumu said.

-with Darion and Izual-

Darion, Izual, the Death Knights, Forsaken (Death Guard and Dread Guard) and the dark rangers were observing their newfound master’s battle against his first troll via scrying. They soon heard three voices announcing their displeasure; “Darion Mograine!” three voices yelled. Darion and Izual looked to see three figures.

The male vampire had a black tuxedo with gold trim, black shoes, a black cape with red inside. His hair was silver with a strand over his left eye, his eyes red. All in all, a male version of Inner Moka. This was Issa Shuzen, Darion’s fellow lieutenant of Legio Dracul. Two women flanked him.

The woman on his right was basically a spitting image of Outer Moka. Her outfit consisted of a suit of armor with the cuirass showing her lower abdomen, sides and back. Her skin was light, as is typical of European men and women. Her armor is white with red trim. Her pink hair is tied up in a ponytail.

This was Akasha Bloodriver, mother of Moka Akashiya, wife of Issa Shuzen and Granddaughter of Azura Belmont, otherwise known as Dracula, The Dragon.

The woman on Issa’s left had a Ganguro appearance; tan skin and blonde hair. Her eyes were red, a silver cross on her head. her outfit consists of a black short dress with gold trim, gladiator sandals and the dress itself has an empire halter with cross shaped pendants. This was Gyokuro Shuzen, another wife of Issa of Issa Shuzen, Akasha’s fellow wife of Issa Shuzen and mother of Kahlua and Kokoa Shuzen.

Darion, you better have a good reason why we shouldn’t kill you here and now.” Issa started, bearing his teeth. “inflicting a fate far worse than death on a human boy!” Akasha raged, drawing her father’s sword. The sword itself happened to be two handed sabre. This was the Crissaegrim.

is he not magnificent?” Darion asked, turning his head to the battle. “You gave him powers he does not deserve.” Gyokuro yelled, seething with rage. “I merely acted on his heart’s desire…” Darion started before getting struck. Izual remained focused on the battle.

He noticed that Tsukune already defeated him. “concede…” Tsukune started. Izual looked to the Troll. The troll’s right eye was closed due to pain, scratches covered him from head to toe. Bruises permeated his face and body.

…yield to me… and this will go no further.” Tsukune finished, flexing his gauntlet. “alright, you win.” Chopper replied. Tsukune turned around to walk back to his friends. Izual noticed that dark smirk.

Izual sprinted to his new master’s aid, tackling chopper. “when someone says ‘concede’, they mean it!” Izual yelled to Chopper. “The Betrayer? Here?” Chopper asked, unknowingly igniting Izual’s fiery rage. “Never… call me that… ever again!!!” Izual shouted, his aura flaring.

Izual gave him a severe beating. Chopper responded by kicking him away. Mizore heard the commotion and went back to help Izual. Chopper soon got the beating of his life. He knew it would take a while and some sustenance to fully heal after this.

concede…” Izual ordered, summoning a sword of pure ice out of thin air. “Fine!” Chopper said, looking to the ground. Izual was NOT going to have it. He shoved his sword tip near the troll’s neck and, “for all to hear!” Izual said in a zealous rage.

I concede!!! Just don’t hurt me!” Chopper said, sweating profusely and trembling in fear. Mizore ran to the site of the short yet brutal fight between the troll and the corrupted angel. Izual sensed Mizore’s aura and turned his head to make eye contact with her.

They started at one another for a few minutes before Izual placed his hand on her head, telling her that she had grown since the last time they saw each other. “Mizore!” a voice yelled. Izual looked to see Tsukune, Kurumu, Moka and Yukari running to his position.

Protect him…” Izual started, extending his wings to their maximum wingspan. “…no matter what.” Izual finished, taking to the skies. “yes, Izual.” Mizore replied, nodding. Izual soon made one big jump, combined with a big flap of his wings, taking to the skies.

-with Mizore-

Mizore turned to face her friends. “Tsukune, we really need to talk about this.” Mizore said strictly. They all headed to the Newspaper clubroom, asking Gin for a club meeting. They all sat down as Mizore got ready to explain the blue skinned Oppressor with tarnished gold armor.

I’m pretty sure you could tell by looking, Izual is a corrupted angel, due to the torture the spawns of Hell put him through…” Mizore started before Kurumu slammed her hands on the table. “How the fuck does he know you?!” Kurummu said, anger rising in her chest.

Kurumu, calm down.” Gin ordered, bearing his teeth. Kurumu huffed then sat back down, crossing her arms. “the reason he knows me is because he’s my sworn uncle.” Mizore answered, getting another sweet into her mouth.


Tsuara and her husband were in despair; their daughter, Mizore, was stillborn and couldn’t hope to live for a long time. Izual went inside through a window, so as not to raise an alarm. Izual can overhear sobbing but kept his course. He soon found Mizore.

surprisingly, despite the build and purpose of his hand, he picked me up with a gentleness which is a good reason why I became friends with him.” Mizore said, shedding tears. Izual gathered the yoki in his body, took a deep breath and exhaled his yoki into the stillborn infant.

The infant grew in development. Even her lungs were affected, allowing her to breathe. “Izual used a portion of his life force to give me a chance, though the act drained him.” Mizore continued, shedding even more tears. Izual lumbered back to the window and climbed out.

when next we meet, I will teach you… how to use your powers.” Izual said to Mizore before she started crying, reaching out for him, as if begging him to stay. Izual shed tears as he left.

*Flashback end*

Mizore was now crying, tears streaming down her face as Moka went to get her tissues. “That’s why I did as he said. Because he’s a friend of the family and the one who gave me a chance in life.” Mizore said before she blew her nose. Kurumu was saddened by the story but her hatred of angels prevented her from acknowledging it.

What’s your problem, Mount Titmore?” Yukari asked, glaring at the succubus. “My problem is that I hate angels.” Kurumu answered, not wanting to justify her anger at Izual. “You hate my savior? Because of what he did?” Mizore asked, cold fury building in her voice.

not because of what he did, but of what he is.” Kurumu clarified. “Succubi are demons and therefore represent darkness. Izual is an angelic name, therefore, he’s an angel and represents light.” Yukari explained. “Let me clarify; Izual is an angel placed into a demonic body.” Mizore replied.

I get it, because of the torture the three brothers put him through, he lost all chance to go back to his home.” Kokoa said, realizing why Izual never contacted Tyrael at all. “Izual laid siege to the hellforge which was completely against Tyrael’s wishes.” Moka said, shedding tears herself.

Tsukune proceeded to tell about the dream he had. Moka and Kokoa and Even Gin were more affected then Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari. “you saw the day my great grandfather destroyed Targoviste.” Moka explained, flashing back to the war stories her great grandfather shared.

What Targoviste, Arges, Severin, Gresit, Chilia and Enisara have in common is that they are all cities found in Wallachia.” Gin pointed out, remembering the war stories his sire told him once. They went back to their duties and Gin said not to mention this to anyone, not even the Director himself. Everyone agreed, even Kokoa.

-with Tsukune and Moka-

After School was out for the day, Moka and Tsukune went for a walk to the lake where he met Mizore and then Darion. “well, here we are.” Tsukune said, motioning to the lake. Moka asked Tsukune if he could remove the Rosario. Tsukune did just that and Inner Moka was unveiled.

now we can talk…” Inner Moka started, stretching. Tsukune went to the lake to see his reflection was the same as earlier, shocking even Inner Moka. Inner Moka noted similarities between Tsukune’s reflection and her great Grandfather when he was in his prime as the prince of darkness.

only differences being the head or helmet and color scheme of the armor; yours is blue with a barbute helmet with a y-shaped visor, whereas my great grandfather’s armor was black, a reminder of his descent into darkness, and his head was a great helm with boiler style holes for intimidation.” Inner Moka pointed out.

Tsukune was curious about Moka’s great grandfather himself, but he only got a recent memory of his monstrous deeds. Inner Moka told of his last stand against his former brother despite his state. Tsukune noticed Moka shedding tears at the memory.

Tsukune was shocked at how much trauma besides the humans ridiculing her was that traumatizing. “Moka…” Tsukune started, his teeth getting a dull ache. “do it…” a voice said. Tsukune looked to his reflection with the helmet off.

The reflection’s face was now his own, the eyes a blood red color with no irises nor pupils. Streaks of blood came from the mouth and eyes, horrifying Tsukune. “embrace your destiny!!!” the reflection shouted, a light coming from the mouth and eyes.

With a single blink of the eyes, Tsukune’s reflection soon changed back to a knight-like appearance, shocking Tsukune. He sensed Moka calming down and turned to face her.

I’m sorry for what you had to tell me.” Tsukune admitted, not sure what to say. Moka heard him and told him it was okay. They soon heard panting. The vampire and human looked to see the same dog that bit Tsukune once before. “ugh… you again?” Tsukune started, clearly remembering what had happened

Again…?” Inner Moka asked, looking to Tsukune then to the dog. “That’s the dog that bit me.” Tsukune explained, rolling his right sleeve to show the teeth marks. Inner Moka could only gasp as Kokoa stupidly tried to hug her. The dog then became aggressive.

Barking his fury at her nearing his master, the Dog charged. Kokoa got out her morning star to defend herself. Moka kicked the dog only to see skid across the ground. Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari showed up to help. Gin lagged. “do you girls even know what that is?” Gin asked, recalling stories of black shucks and hellhounds.

The dog soon became more aggressive than before. “Uh oh.” Kurumu said. Inner Moka got in front of Tsukune. Enraged, the dog charged, roaring and lunging. Gin intercepted, though nearly got his throat torn out. Tsukune was becoming more and more angered at the dog’s actions towards his friends.

Taking a deep breath, Tsukune shouted, “No!” in a demonic voice. The newspaper club and even the dog stopped and looked at him, the dog becoming submissive. Tsukune’s eyes glowed with immense power, terrifying his friends. The same red gauntlet that appeared before has appeared again.

Tsukune, calm down!” Kurumu cried out. Tsukune heard but didn’t listen. His rage towards the dog was too great.

Give me one good reason I shouldn’t put you down.” Tsukune ordered. “I don’t think that dog is physically capable of understanding what you’re telling him.” Kokoa said, spite lining her voice.

I take offense to that, little girl…” a voice said. Kokoa turned to face the dog and it spoke again, scaring the daylights out of her. “it can talk?!” Mizore yelled. “and in answer to your question, young master; we have come to serve you as our new master.” The dog said. “We?” Inner Moka asked.

Several more dogs, an army in fact, appeared. All of them having the same appearance except age. “Who are you?” Inner Moka asked the dog. “What are you?” Kokoa asked.

I’m a hellhound. My name is Baskerville.” Baskerville introduced himself. The dogs approached but Baskerville growled to let them know to keep their distance.

Baskerville is the family who was harassed by a dog whose true form was a hellhound.” Yukari started before Baskerville looked at her directly. “no doubt you have heard of one Sherlock Holmes.” Baskerville said, growling at the name. “Did he know what you were?” Tsukune asked.

I’m not sure. He did happen to be very intelligent. Being a detective, he had to be.” Baskerville said, gazing to the sunset. “I took on the name Baskerville because I did not have one of my own.” Baskerville started, his ears pointing backward and laying on his head.

so, about the first part, he put two and two together?” Mizore asked. Baskerville nodded. “no doubt, you were summoned to kill the Baskerville family.” Inner Moka assumed, her eyes narrowing in anger. “no, I harassed them because I was ordered to. And besides, I had nothing else to do.” Baskerville corrected, cracking a chest smile.

Well I wasted enough time, better give the secret whistle that summons us.” Baskerville stated before whispering the secret whistle into Tsukune’s ear, causing Tsukune immense pain. Baskerville then left the premises.

unbelievable.” Mizore said, shock evident in her eyes and voice. The newspaper club decided to cut the losses for now and went back to their dorms.

My mom, Alex and Steve Torella and myself saw the movie Annihilation. it was full of suspense. the only parts i didn't like were the sex scenes. they're too... cliche. anyways, the best part were the wildlife being altered like the alligator being crossed with a shark and the skull faced bear. there is also the ending. very creepy in a way. anyways, see ya.
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